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The views expressed below are not those of
any advertiser within The Cook's House.
These 'WORDS' have been submitted by people
such as yourself,
or created by us out of boredom.
They are intended to move you in some way.

  • Kellogg's "Honey Frosted Mini Wheats" contain gelatin!!
  • Does the Worcestershire sauce contain anchovies?
  • Check your beans-Pork hides in there!
  • Rice Pilaf-usually contains Chicken Stock!
  • Check your cheese containing "Rennent" -part of a poor Cow's stomach!
  • Don't let Yogurt's appeal fool you -check the label, I was
    eating some one day until I spotted the word "Gelatin" on the side!
  • I visited a meat processing plant and watched a man shovel
    ground beef(I mean dead cow!) into a large machine.
  • What chemicals are in the soaps you use?
  • Toothpaste?
  • I wish to begin a campaign-It states "PEOPLE WHO LITTER ARE STUPID!"
  • "Smokers who throw their filters on the ground are littering!"
    -see above quote!
  • Is the miso soup made with fish stock?
  • Are your fries cooked in animal fat?
  • Is there lard in that pie crust? How about the refried beans?
  • I watched a woman throw her napkin out of taxi cab window
    onto the pavement! Where does she think this napkin goes? Away?
    Just another ignorant litter-bug!
  • Why do the college students in this town think that it is
    acceptable to throw their pizza plates and beer cups on the sidewalk?
    Are they not the educated ones?
  • Where is the appeal of a box of greasy fries and a flesh
    flavored burger from the king?
    Consume-less. Not more-pay attention to the packaging
    when purchasing food.
  • Recycling-An observation-a dumpster near my house-newspaper,
    cans, plastic, wood-you name it and these people just 'throw it away'.
  • What about all those scenes in movies where people either
    throw something out of a car window or
    drop it on the ground?
    Pay attention- it starts with teaching our children.
  • Be genuine-your reward is what you give.

If you have any 'words' you want us to print simply email

If you are offended by any of these remarks you must be guilty of them.
If you have littered in the past year then you are stupid
-*see above campaign*

Don't feel threatened by VEGETARIANISM-we won't eat you-I promise.

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