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About tofu

-is soybean curd.
The Japanese call it tofu; the Chinese call it dow foo.

It is available in several forms.
The four major textures are 'extra-firm', 'firm', 'silken' and 'soft'.

The firm varieties are best for stir-frying and sauteing.
Because the tofu tends to hold its form.

The soft form is best used in dressing, dips and desserts.

It is usually sold by the pound in open tubs, packed in water
in plastic containers or vacume packed in boxes.

Do not purchase tofu if the packages have bubbles
or bulges in them. Also check the sell by date.
Tofu is made
by cooking, mashing and draining soy beans.
Then mixing a coagulant with the drained soy milk (whey)to form curds.
These curds are then pressed into cakes to form tofu.

Tofu is high in protein, has no cholesterol and is low in fat.

It is sold in natural food stores,
Asian markets and the produce section of most supermarkets.
Using tofu-
When preparing to cook with tofu drain and rinse the product.
Then pat dry with a paper towel.

If only a portion of the tofu is to be used store the remainder
submerged in water, covered and kept in the refrigerator.
Change water daily to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria.
Spoiled tofu has a yellowish color, smells sour and feels slimy to the touch.

-tofu for ricotta cheese in lasagna.
-use it to make salad dressings,
-in cheesecakes,
-to make mayonaise,
-in soups, on salad,
-grill, bake, saute' or broil it.
Most important of all ENJOY IT!

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