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According to "The Biodiversity Benefits of Organic Farming,"

a May 2000 report from the Soil Association of the UK that reviews the findings of nine biodiversity studies comparing organic farming and conventional farming systems in the UK lowlands, organic farming encourages
"Five times as many wild plants in arable fields, 57 percent more species, and several rare and declining wild arable species that are found only on the organic farm."
"25 percent more birds at the field edge, 44 percent more in the field in autumn and winter, 2.2 times as many breeding skylarks, and higher skylark breeding rates."
"1.6 times as many of the invertebrate arthropods that make up bird food, three times as many non-pest butterflies in the crop areas, one to five times as many spider numbers, and one to tow times as many spider species." "A significant decrease in aphid numbers."

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