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Some say that introducing proteins into the food supply that humans have not consumed before could cause medical problems or even allergic reactions. Another problem is for vegetarians, GM foods blur the line between plant and animal. To lengthen shelf life and strengthen pest resistance biotech companies have injected genes from viruses, bacteria and even animals into vegetables. In one particularly notable case the gene from an Arctic flounder was located that allowed the fish to thrive in freezing waters. It was then inserted into a tomato and thus creating a tomato that is less susceptible to freezing, has an extended shelf life and whose larger size may make it appear tastier. Flounder genes have also been inserted into strawberries for the same reason.
It is safe to say that, until recently, this flounder had never had any contact with strawberries or tomatoes. And neither tomatoes nor strawberries have ever considered the flounder a partner in procreation. Yet biotech companies have over-ruled Mother Nature and integrated these two species.
What will the results be?

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