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Definitions A-I

Aborio rice: A short-grain rice
from Italy. It has a high
starch content which gives
Risotto its creamy texture.
Agar-agar: A sea vegetable which
is clear and flavorless.
It is used like gelatin and sold
in sticks, powder, flakes or
freeze dried.
Arrowroot: Starchy flour
from a tropical tuber
(the thick part of an
underground stem) used
for thickening. Usually
less processed than cornstarch.
Can be substituted measure for
measure for cornstarch.
Bulgur: Cracked wheat that
has been hulled and parboiled.
Capers: Flower buds of a
Mediterranean shrub that are picked
and then used as a condiment.
Flaxseed: Also called 'linseeds'.
They are tiny, oval shaped brown
seeds. Bland in flavor but very high
in fiber. A mixture of ground
flaxseeds and water can be used as
an egg replacer in baked goods.
Green peppercorns: Soft under-ripe
berries from the pepper plant.
They have a fresh flavor and are
less pungent than dried black

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